Our 281 Family Internet

A History of 281 Communications Corp. Inc. from 281.COM to 281FIBER

281 Communications, Inc. was founded in 1998 and has been serving the Highland Lakes, Marble Falls, and Burnet and Llano County area's for more then 18 years.  Bringing the first unlimited dialup service to the area, 281.COM as it was known back then brought what was "Big City" Internet to the hill country with no connection limits.  The founders of 281.COM launched their ISP in 1998 in response to overwhelming anger in the community to 3 hour connection limits and 200 hour monthly limits from the incumbant Internet provider monopoly at the time.

As the Internet outgrew dialup, Tim Moczygemba and Ken Hering who were the founding owners, brought some of the first broadband service to the area using Cisco Systems Aironet products.  Securing tower locations across the area and some unique "towers" such as Falkenstein Castle, 281 grew to be primarily a broadband Internet Service Provider by 2008.  Dialup service was eventually dropped in 2012 from 281.COM's offerings.  This was also a time of turmoil for the company as 2 of it's original founders either severed their relationship from the company or were no longer part of day to day operations.  281.COM lost over half of it's size during these years.

In July of 2014, Tim Moczygemba returned to purchase back the company with his wife Leda and sons Luann and Turner and has been operating the company since.  Rebranded as 281 Internet and 281Fiber, the company began growth again in 2016 with acquisitions of land for new towers and new equipment to connect existing towers to increase speeds and performance for it's customers 400%.

New product technologies for delivering Internet to homes and businesses with speeds and latency like those available in the Big City have been undergoing testing by Tim Moczygemba and his son Luann Leao, and 281's new Operations Manager Chris Miska over the last 3 months of 2016 for launch of some new and exciting products for the Speed starved homes and businesses of the Highland Lakes.  Due out Christmas of 2016, the products will be marketed under 281Fiber and 281FrackingFiber offering guaranteed speeds of 25/50/100/500 Mbps all the way to over 1 Gbit like the big Fiber experiments in Austin and Oklahoma City and low fiber like latency at a fraction of the cost through 281's aggressive expansion of tower locations to bring the Internet closer to it's clients.

Come visit us today in our newly remodeled offices!

1510 N. US Highway 281
Suite 104 Marble Falls, TX

Or give us a call and we will come visit you!  (830) 798 - 9041


Thank you from the 281 Communications team of Tim, Leda, Luann, Chris, and Will.

281 Communications Corp. Inc. CEO

Tim Moczygemba - Tim is a founder of 281 Communications Corp. Inc. who repurchased the company in 2014 after coming out of retirement.


Chris M, Director of Operations

Chris oversees tower construction, our data-centers, primary networks, and everything else we do here at 281 internet.  He takes the bosses orders and gets them done!


Luann Leao, Office Manager

Luann is in charge of making sure all our 281 customer's support issues are resolved!  He also manages the books as well as scheduling of customer onsites and installations.


Leda Childs, Sales and Customer Support

Leda Child handles all customer service issues as well as being your first contact for sales.  Leda is the friendly face of 281 Internet!


Will S, Senior Field Engineer

Will is responsible for making sure all our customer deployed equipment is installed safely and correctly.  He has also been known to help customers setup printers, phones, and tablets!