Reliable Internet for the Highland Lakes and texas Hill country

Please text 281 at 830.798.9041 if you need your login information!

All Internet and Broadband connections

Through the 281 Internet 5G, Fiber, and Fixed Wireless network throughout the Highland Lakes.

Jump to Business and Enterprise Class connections if you need more Internet speed or low consistent latency than the the average bear.

281Frackingfiber family

281FrackingFiber is available everywhere 281 Internet can go.  Enhanced speeds over 30 Mbps require you to be within shorter distances from 281's 5G and Fiber enabled towers.  30+ 281FrackingFiber service is available to clients at up to 13 miles in some cases.

Marble Falls, Fairland, Burnet, Horseshoe Bay, and Kingsland now have enhanced 281 Internet available.  Text 830.798.9041 your address and Email address to find out if you can get it.

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281 Internet is hard at work to bring you fast, reliable Internet to your homes and businesses throughout the Highland LakesFREE Setup with a contract gets you and 281Home or 281FrackingFiber family service installed and a free setup of 281 Cloud Mesh to connect devices throughout your home, connect buildings together throughout your property, and even connect your devices outdoors with a WiFi outside.  

Work, Play, Shop, and Enjoy!

FREE Setup on select contract plans normally $350.00 gets you everything: service setup and 281 Cloud Mesh Wi-Fi inside your home or business for a savings of $350 upfront and years of savings on special contract rates!  This is 281's best special!

Come home to 281 Internet!

Have you been a 281 Internet client in the past?  Come back today and get 281 Cloud Mesh Wi-Fi indoor and outdoor nodes included with any contract 281 FrackingFiber family service.

We will reply with pricing and availability of speeds.

Not all services are available in all 281 Communications coverage areas.  Special rates and enhanced performance are available in some areas!  Speeds for these enhanced services over 30 Mbps are up to speeds.  Only available where new 5G and Fiber technology by 281 has been deployed within 1.5 miles or 4.5 miles or more of a 281 tower in some areas. 281FrackingFiber Family of services are only available through 281's unique combination of 5G mmWave, Fiber, Routing, and 11 GHz technologies in the Highland Lakes and surrounding areas in Burnet, Travis, and Llano counties.  Join the 281 Internet Family!

Don't know what you need?  Click HELP and FAQ to read about the Internet and 281.

Text us your address or GPS location you need service for the fastest response.  Please provide an email address so we may send you a quote.

Business Class is the Fastest growing 281 Service
Gaming * VPN * Meetings

281Fiber pricing starts at $281/month for service.  Setup fees will depend on the technology needed to bring your location service starting at $1500 using 5AC, 6 GHz, or 60 GHz technology.  Your needs for speed, reliability, and low latency will affect the cost of bringing service to your location as well as distance from a 281 fiber or 5G mmWave enabled tower.  281 Communications Corporation Inc. is dedicated to bringing you the Internet and Network connectivity you need to conduct your Business.  We bring performance where nobody else can using a combination of technologies including fiber, 5G mmWave, FCC Licensed frequencies such as 11 GHz, and unlicensed frequencies.
281 Business Class services are within budget for some high usage homes with gamers that must have consistent latency/lag for their gaming or if you host Zoom or Team meetings and need more upload than you can get with consumer/small business grade products like the 281 FrackingFiber Family.
Please read our FAQ to learn more about how Fixed Wireless technologies 281 Communications uses to bring you Internet work for different types of Internet applications.

281Fiber unlimited business and enterprise class services

Starting at $281/month and $1250 Setup in most areas

Technologies and Features

mmWave (5G) - Fiber speed with lower latency

Licensed Microwave

Unlicensed Microwave

Synchronous Data rates

Dedicated antennas just for you!

281 brings you a direct network connection to the 281 Communications  Internet network of 5G and Fiber enabled Towers.

Full GigabitXGigabit, 10GigX10Gig, and more is possible!

281 has the technology, staff, and know how!

Enterprise Class service includes guarantees with an SLA and increased monitoring and proactive Support to meet your mission critical needs in the Highland Lakes Area.  A application fee of $1500 is required to develop a plan and SLA for your location.

Business Class service does not include an SLA, but does live up to 281's highly regarded reputation for swift support and resolution to your Internet needs.  Just ask a 281 Internet client near you!  Most 281Fiber clients also have backup redundant links so 281 has to the tools to keep your service up 24X7X365!  This redundancy extends to our network of towers and facilities throughout the Highland Lakes area with multiple fiber connections to insure your Internet is always working for your mission critical applications.  Let 281 know what your needs are, and we can taylor a specific dedicated Business Class connection to meet them.

Tell our team what you need and where you need it, and we can design a cost effective network to get it there!

For Businesses, Gamers, or Homes who need faster speeds for upload and download and constant low latency without jitter and Unlimited data.  Pricing varies by location and the equipment needed to make it happen.  Please email sales @ and/or text 830.798.9041 with your location and bandwidth and latency needs and 281 can engineer a solution for you.

 Our area covers from Spicewood to Horseshoe Bay to Kingsland to Llano to Tow to Lake Buchanan to Burnet to Bertram to Oatmeal to Smithwick to Marble Falls to Round Mountain and everywhere in between-78654, 78657, 78669, 78663, 78611, 78609, 78639, 78605 with LLANO COMING SOON.  We can install tall 50 ft. poles to eclipse trees and hills to get Internet to you.  Or, you can even have a tower built if you need more height.  281 Services have liberal data allowances and conservative customer ratios to insure your speed is high and latency is low.  In addition to providing the best Internet to the Highland lakes residents, 281 clients receive best of class support and service with all their Internet and computing questions.  If we can't help you, we likely know a local professional who will. 281 Communications has the longest running management team in the Highland Lakes area for Internet service owned and operated by Tim Moczygemba since October 1998!  If Brianna, Leda, Turner, Adilson, or Darren @281 can't help, then Tim@281 can likely find you an answer and solution!
Inside Casa Blanca Plaza at 1510 HWY 281 Suite 104Email, Text, or Call for Office AppointmentsPAYMENTS: Mail checks to PO Box 248, Marble Falls, TX 78654  Or visit our online portal my281.281internet.comServing the Highland Lakes since 1998!Brianna, Tim, Leda, Adilson, Turner, Darren and the entire 281 Internet family can help you get the Internet Service you desire.