281 Maintenance Times

281 Climbs when internet is needed

281 Communications Corporation Inc. and contractors will climb towers to install new equipment and repair equipment whenever the weather conditions allow.  High winds are the most common reason we can not climb when gusts exceed 25 Mph.

Lightning, rain, ice, and sleet also make climbing impossible.  We keep track of the most accurate weather sites to determine when the next window in the weather will allow us to climb.  We want to repair or install new equipment for our clients to access our network and the Internet as soon as possible!

281 Maintenance window

The 281 team will perform maintenance between 11 PM and 7 AM during weekdays and weekends from midnight Saturday through 7 AM Monday to avoid affecting the network and Internet for most customers.  These are the hours we have the most minor usage.  This type of maintenance happens about 1-2 times a month, and most of the time, it changes frequencies on tower APs when interference is causing problems for some clients. Changes like these can cause the Internet for all clients on that access point to lose access while the changes take effect; they do not affect the Internet for any other clients on the same tower or anywhere else on the 281 network.

 The 281 team is quick to text clients if an outage lasts longer due to problems with the maintenance, or we will text in advance if we know the maintenance will take an extended time.

did the wind take your internet down?

281 Clients pay a low setup and monthly fee for poles, so 281 will replace the pole no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.  We get you back online long before insurance and other companies restore your home's further damage from severe weather.  We work overtime when your connection to 281 is down!

***NOTE - Legacy clients who purchased their pole will pay the current normal $50 Setup fee to install a pole and a monthly additional service fee depending the height of the pole if 281 Communications Corporation Inc. replaces your pole after a storm.

***NOTE - 281 Clients paying old legacy rate for services such as 281 Mach 1 which is now replaced by 281Home will have their invoices increased to the now current rate once their connection affords them the full speeds offered on the current 281 Internet package for them.