Camera's - What you need to know!

As with most Internet connections except Fiber to the Home or 281 Internet's 281Fiber dedicated connections, your Internet is not as fast for upload as it is for download.  This is an important consideration with more and more things we use today, from robot vacuums, home automation controls, and security cameras, that need more upload Internet bandwidth than we needed in the past.  

Cameras can use the internet to upload photos and videos to the cloud or other storage services and can literally use up ALL your upload bandwidth if the camera you choose, and setup with high resolution, and constant cloud storage, is given free reign over your limited upload bandwidth capability afforded by the Internet service you choose. The process of uploading photos and videos to the internet is called “cloud storage.” Most cameras that have Wi-Fi capabilities can upload photos and videos directly to the internet. The process of uploading photos and videos to the internet is called "cloud storage."

The amount of bandwidth required for uploading photos and videos depends on the camera’s manufacturer and model. Most cameras will guide you through this process in their instructions or on the screen itself. The upload speed is the internet bandwidth your security camera can use to send information to your phone or laptop through the Internet.

So, it is very important when adding camera's in particular that you know your upload capabilities, and don't choose a camera system that needs more than you have, or you'll need to upgrade you service to one that will support those cameras!

Fixed Wireless technology like that used by 281 Internet to bring you services like 281Home, 281VIP, and 281FrackingFiber can easily be inundated by the cameras, making your Internet either very slow, or practically unusable if the camera's use 100% of your upload 24X7.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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