Clear your Streaming TV's Cache

Streaming issue like buffering and freezing

We have all been there; you are watching a good movie or in the last episode of your 10th and final season of the series, you wasted the last month of your life binge-watching, and it just stops, or the voices are out of sync with the picture, or the picture freezes, and the voices continue.  What's wrong?

cache memory

Did you know your Smart TV, Roku, or other streaming device has memory inside, just like your computer?

Just like your computer, this memory is used while your app, like Netflix or YouTubeTV, is using it to play your video, and when they are done, your show ends; they are supposed to give that memory back so the next app/show you open can use it.

However, sometimes this doesn't work right, and some of the memory gets hung up in the cache and is unusable, making it feel like you have a cheaper device with less memory than the one you bought that worked so well yesterday.

The solution is to clear the cache.  One easy answer that works for almost all devices is to unplug your TV or streaming device from power for at least 30 seconds so that all the power drains from capacitors, which can keep the cache memory inside alive.  Once that power is drained, the memory without power to keep it alive will clear itself.

Below, you will find links to some articles that go into more depth about Streaming TV cache and some of the standard Streaming TV devices you own and how to specifically clear these cache so your watching experience is the best it can be!

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