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281 Cloud mesh WiFi

Text or Call 281 at 830.798.9041

Email Sales @ 281Internet.com to get Cloud Mesh WiFi!

281 can power your WiFi throughout your home, property, and even out onto the lake for you.

Don't pay a ton of money buying your own mesh. Let 281 take the hassle out of WiFi for you! Our total cost of ownership is less in the long run and keeps you using Internet everywhere on your property.

281 Internet combines multiple technologies to meet all your needs.

281 mesh Cloud wifi

$10 monthly NO SETUP FEE

For a single node, and ask your Installer for his "Installer Special" to add a 2nd at no extra charge to cover that hard to reach area across the house!

Cloud wifi

$10 monthly NO SETUP FEE

SAVE with FIVE nodes

$25 monthly $199.95 Setup

cloud ac 1200


Can be Client and AP in One!

$15 monthly $50 Setup

cloud ac 1200

HI POWER Outdoor WiFi

Can be Client and AP in One! Ideal for RV parks!

$35 monthly $199.95 Setup

PTP - Connect buildings together!

Short links count as indoor nodes!

SAVE with FIVE+ nodes

$5 monthly per node

Add to your 281 Cloud Mesh WiFi!


Outdoor over 1/4 mile to 10+ miles

Connect your homes between family members or your office together so you are everywhere at the same time!


  • 5ac technology

  • 24 GHz

  • 60 GHz (like fiber - low latency - gigabit)

  • 70-80 GHz (better than fiber latency - 10 gigabit potential)