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What is my Speed?

Leo Laporte takes to the radio every weekend to talk tech and answer your questions

Hosted by: Leo Laporte

Great source of how to video and discussions about everything tech. Leo puts it in language we can all understand! He has a very good explanation of your Internet speed, speed tests, and how WiFi affects what you get. Just click play to here him above.

What to expect from 281

At 281 Internet, we try very hard to give you the speed we advertise or better, rather than the "up to" most providers advertise. Your actual speed however will not be accurately reflected by any one speed test. We encourage you to use these as a tool, not a measurement, because you will find that you and the other members of your household can achieve more throughput together all streaming video for example than any one of you will likely receive on a single speed test.

A Internet speed test will show you the connection speed in between you and the connected server. The OpenSpeedtest Broadband speed test uses a unique algorithm that will show you the exact stable speed you are getting from your ISP. It will find the average of the fastest download/Upload burst rates during your internet speed test from your location to the location of the test server within your web browser itself. Your test results may vary at different times of the day due to network congestion, and the web browser you choose etc. To get a good understanding of your bandwidth bursts averages, run the test at different times of the day from openspeedtest.com.

M-Lab provides the largest collection of open Internet performance data on the planet. As a consortium of research, industry, and public-interest partners, M-Lab is dedicated to providing an ecosystem for the open, verifiable measurement of global network performance. Real science requires verifiable processes, and M-Lab welcomes scientific collaboration and scrutiny. This is why all of the data collected by M-Lab’s global measurement platform are made openly available, and all of the measurement tools hosted by M-Lab are open source. Anyone with time and skill can review and improve the underlying methodologies and assumptions on which M-Lab’s platform, tools, and data rely. Transparency and review are key to good science, and good science is key to good measurement.

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