Reboot Internet

Step 1

  1. Turn off (unplug power) to any wifi you have. Some clients have more than one "wireless router" in your house.

step 2

2. Turn off radio on the roof. Two ways to do this, either unplug the cable that goes outside from it's power supply and you can immediately plug it back in hearing/feeling a little click when you plug it back into the POE (power supply). Or, you can unplug the power supply from the wall (turn off power strip) and wait 30 seconds and plug it back in.

step 3

3. Turn on your WiFi's you unplugged in step 1.

Your Internet should come back on in about 60 seconds once the WiFi's are fully back on.

It's easy, try plugging all these cables in up on the tower!

Step 4

If rebooting Internet equipment doesn't resolve your issue, you may need to reboot your device(s).

Power down your device(s). Don't just turn a screen off, do a complete shutdown. For TV's, you will need to unplug them from power, the "power switch" does not actaully turn them off completely. Always wait at least 20 seconds before powering the device back on to insure it has completely drained of power which can keep the cache memory active.

The purpose of the reboot on a device is to clear the cache memory of the device.