281 Promise to you

Tim and Timzinho's promise to you. We will personally insure your Internet service from 281 is performing as advertised, or we will make things right if you are not satisfied for any reason. Please give us the opportunity to make it right, but at any time you are not satisfied during installation or through your first 30 days and you decide 281 Internet is not right for you, we will honor your wishes.

30 Days install guarantee

281 Internet Residential Customer Guarantee

281 Communications Corporation Inc. is committed to providing you with the best customer experience, and we stand behind our people, products, and services. 281 is committed to providing cutting-edge technology and on-going enhancements, including increased Internet speeds, higher data allowances, and more services to our clients. We never stop working to bring you additional value with your 281 Internet services.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee*

We are confident you will be completely satisfied with your 281 Internet experience. If for any reason you are not satisfied with 281's service within the first 30 days of your installation, we will give you your money back for your first month of service and 80% of your intial setup fee for a 281 Internet service such as 281Home, 281VIP, or 281FrackingFiber.

Terms of Guarantee:

  • Applies only to the primary 281 Internet new service. Does not apply to additional services such as 281 Community 100 or a pole.

  • Request for money-back must occur within 30 days from installation; limit of one money-back request per eligible service.

  • Request for money-back must allow for flexible scheduling for 281 staff to come onsite and remove 281's equipment, returning home to the condition it was found at installation.

  • Money-back comes in the form of a credit first. Customers who continue to have other 281 Internet services will receive credit for service on customer's next available bill statement.

  • Customers who cancel all services will receive a credit to be applied against outstanding account balances , if any, and shall receive a refund for any remaining amount.

  • Money-back is available for the following:

    • Monthly recurring service charges on primary 281 Internet Service

    • 80% of Standard Setup installation costs on primary 281 Internet Service

  • Money-back is NOT available for the following:

    • 20% of initial Setup fee for primary 281 Internet service

    • Taxes (local and state)

    • Other Setup and recurring charges

    • Non-standard installation (including complex, underground, custom work, special construction and/or additional outlets)

    • Device purchases (including Streaming TV devices, mobile devices, or any other subscriber purchased devices)

If you ever have questions or concerns with the products and services you receive from 281 Communications Corporation Inc., please contact us at 830.798.9041 through text or voice.

*Residential customers only; all services not available in all areas; and customer must be in good standing and have no outstanding obligation to 281 Communications Corporation Inc.